Dance Performance

The Taamara Troupe is a treasure trove of highly skilled classical dancers. Headed by Shruthi, the troupe exhibit their love and passion for dance through carefully architected work that also profess a slight amount of creative madness, infusing every performance with freshness and creativity. Taamara dance school comprises of highly trained artists who have performed at many national festivals and have even performed for television channels like MTV and Doordashan. Among the many organisations where the troupe has performed are Mercedes Benz, Karnataka Tourism Department, Kerala Tourism, Delhi Karnataka Sangha and the Department of Kannada and Culture.


Shruthi popularity as one of the city’s leading choreographers is steadily rising. She has over a decade’s experience in choreography and has worked with the Government, innumerable colleges, schools, dance centres and has won accolades for the same. Her dance pieces are influenced by folk dances, classical movements and abstract art. Dance pieces that begin with improvisations are intricately layered with abhinaya, mudra and adavus. Rooted in Mohiniyattam and Bharathanatyam, Shruthi’s choreography takes a fresh look at contemporary dance by bringing in innovative movement, creative costume, global indian music and unique themes.



  • Choreographed Mohiniyattam sequence for the poem “Madhushala” by Sri Harivanshrai Bachchan and was performed before Mr Amitabh Bachchan for his birthday in October 2012.
  • “"Ahalya"” choreographed for the contemporary festival “Short and Sweet”.
  • Ninna Maya” choreographed for  Ananya Nrithya Dhare
  • Choreographed innumerable compositions in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam for Monisha Arts and Natyanjali  School of Dance.
  • She has also choreographed for various colleges and universities such as Christ University and Sri Bhagvan Mahaveer Jain College in Bangalore and the University School of Design in Mysore.


Apart from the above projects, Shruthi has contributed many videos of Mohiniyattam through her YouTube channel (Shruthi KP) for the benefit of students and connoisseurs. She has also been featured in the trailer for the cultural website “”, directed by Smt Girija Jayraj and is the brand ambassador for the online Indian Designer wear brand “Varnanggall”.

Taamara Dance Troupe was proud to perform in